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Sale of new Walker and Stihl equipment is only available within dealer's service area
Walker Mower Yearly Checkup
In order to help you keep your investment running in top shape and trouble free, take advantage of our Walker Mower Yearly Checkup.

Review the chart below to see the list of services performed for each different service level along with your low discount service cost.

Service / Work Performed MB/MBS MS MC
w / Valve Tappet Adjustment
Adjust Valve Tappet Clearance Y
Adjust Wheel Drive Chain Tension/Lubricate Y
Change Engine Coolant Y Y
Change Fuel Filter Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Change Transmission Fluid/Fluid & Filter Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Change Oil in Gear Axles Y Y Y Y Y
Change Oil/Oil & Filter Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Check Fan Belt for Tightness Y Y
Check Hydro Release Handles Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Check Oil in Deck Gearboxes Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Check Oil Level in PTO Gearbox Y Y Y Y Y Y
Check operation of Instrument Panel Warning Lights & Horn Y Y
Check Pulleys and Belts Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Check Safety Switches Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Check Tire Pressures Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Check/Adjust Blade Brake Y Y Y Y
Check/Adjust Electric Clutch Y
Check/Replace Spark Plug/s or Glow Plugs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Clean Radiator and Screen Y Y
Grease Chassis & Lube Cables Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Service Air Filter/s Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Service Battery Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Service Mower Blades & Re-torque to .65 Ft Lbs. Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Check & Adjust Tracking Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
ONLY!    $273.00 $273.00 $299.00 $299.00 $351.00 $417.00 $469.00
Value+ Price $241.00 $241.00 $264.00 $264.00 $310.00 $368.00 $414.00

In addition to the prices listed above, please keep the additional services and policies in mind:

  • Parts & Materials Extra
  • Additional Repairs...
    Any additional repairs will be estimated and approved by owner before work is done!

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