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Tire Chain Application Guide

  • Hardened for improved wear and long lasting use in demanding situations
  • Easy and secure installation
  • Zinc plated to resist corrosion

Tire Size 2 Link Spacing 4 Link Spacing
4" Rim Tires
410-350-4 STE180100
5" Rim Tires
430-300-5 STE180100
340-300-5 STE180100
6" Rim Tires
410-350-6 STE180104
12-350-6 STE180104
1225-350-6 STE180104
13-500-6 STE180108
125-450-6 STE180108
8" Rim Tires
400-480-8 STE180112
400-480-8 Deep Lug Tires STE180428
16-650-8 STE180116
15-600-8 STE180116
18-850-8 STE180120
18-950-8 STE180124
20-800-8 STE180128 STE180364
20-1000-8 STE180368
22-11-8 ATV Tires STE180692 STE180688
10" Rim Tires
20-800-10 STE180128 STE180364
20-10-10 STE180368
12" Rim Tires
8-12 STE180132
23-850-12 STE180132
23-950-12 STE180376
23-1050-12 STE180140 STE180376
24-1200-12 STE180140

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