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Product Manuals

It's a fact of life, equipment gets replaced with "newer" and "better" products. But what about that trusty, reliable piece of equipment that you've had for years...should you just get rid of it and get something new because you lost the owner's manual. NO! We've assembled a collection of manuals and parts list to help you in case this might have happened to you.

We will continue to add new items as they become available (either by us manually scanning old manuals laying around or we acquire electronic versions of the manuals from the manufacturers.

Manufacturer Product Type Models Reference
Mower/Deck H40B, E60B, H60T, H60K, C60K (Owners Manual - PDF 32,206kb)
Mower/Deck MR55T (Owners Manual - PDF 12,093kb)
Backpack Blower BB50 (Parts Manual - PDF 19603kb)
(Operators Manual - PDF 28344kb)
Backpack Blower BB51 (Operator Manual - PDF 605kb)
(Parts Manual - PDF 282kb)
Brushcutter, Stick Edger, Trimmer BC30,SE30,ST30 (Owners Manual - PDF 24,689kb)
BC30 (Part's List Manual - PDF 768kb)
SE30 (Part's List Manual - PDF 747kb)
ST30 (Part's List Manual - PDF 1,108kb)
Ground Blowers PB8IC, PB9VG, PB9H, PB11IP, PB14VG (Parts Manual - PDF 362kb)
(Owners Manual - PDF 686kb)
Chainsaw XL12 with Pyramid Reed System, SXL-AO (Parts List - PDF 566kb)
Chainsaw XL12, XL12W (Parts List - PDF 27,091kb)
Chainsaw Super XL 925, Super XL 925W (Parts List - PDF 12,374kb)
Power Unit 990-5 & 910-3 (Owner Manual & Parts List - PDF 10,740kb)
Rear Mounted Tiller Attachments Fits Power Units 990-5 & 910-3 (Owner Manual & Parts List - PDF 7,495kb)

Didn't find what you were looking for? Please email or call us. We'll be happy to assist as much as possible to get your power equipment ready in time.

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