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Blade Selection Guide
Blade Diagram / Measurements
Name Description
Length Measured in inches diagonally from tip to tip.
Width Measured in inches from front edge to back edge of blade.
Center Hole Diameter measured in inches from outermost edges of hole.
Outer Hole(s) May be present. If present, diameter measured in inches from outermost edges of hole. Distance also measured in inches from the center of one other hole to the center of the other outer hole.
Rotation Right handed or left-handed. Generally refers to the location of the mower discharge. Some mowers running dual blades may have one of each for a center discharge.

Getting Started
To get started, just answer the list of questions below and click on the search button. You do not need to specify answers for all the questions. However, the more information you provide the quicker we can narrow down your search and display the part that you need.

  1. Select the manufacturer of your equipment.
    If you cannot find your replacement part when searching a particular manufacturer, select All Manufacturers to return a larger result and locate your replacement part. To help narrow down your search quicker, you can also enter the part number from your OEM part or owner's manual. If you don't know the part number, just leave blank.

    OEM Part No:       If known.

  2. Select the closest length of your blade (± 1/4, 0.250").
    Note: Length is measured in inches from tip to tip diagonally. Due to subtle variances in blade sizes, results within ± 1/4, 0.250" will be returned to help you locate your blade.


  3. Select the closest diameter of your blade center hole (± 1/32, 0.03125").
    Note: Width is measured in inches from outer edge of hole to opposite outer edge. Due to very subtle variances in hole diameters, results within ± 1/32, 0.03125" will be returned to help you locate your blade.

    Diameter (width)  

  4. Select the center hole style (shape).

Tip: Many manufacturers use the same parts so don't worry if the item is listed to fit another brand. Here you may also find a little different style part that may fit your mower.
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Oil Seal Selection Guide
Blade Selection Guide
Tire Selection Guide
Inner Tube Selection Guide
Oil Filter Selection Guide

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