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Model REDIgas2in RedIgas3in
Post Capacity Accepts posts to 1 7/8" Inches in diamaeter Accepts posts to 3 Inches in diamaeter
Weight 32 lbs 35 lbs
Engine Honda GX35 Four Stroke
Engine Power 1.35 Horsepower
Clutch Centrifgal Clutch
Blows per minute 1720 1820
Machine Warranty 3 Yrs on Machine/lifetime on hammer componets
Engine Warranty Honda 1 year commercial / 2 year normal use
Video Click here to see video!
Check Price /Order Item: REDIgas2in Item: RedIgas3in
Recommended Option Redislvs3in - Reducing Sleeve used with 1 5/8" and 1 7/8" T Posts

Handle Extension kit adds over 2’ handle length

Allows driving or tall post without using ladder.  Also allows driving stakes with less bending.

Click on this link to see video show handle extension kit in action.

Item: REDIhndlkit

Shown mounted on Redi Driver
Reducing Sleeve Allows the Boss 3 1/8' Driver to work with smaller dimension posts like the 1 5/8" and 1 7/8" T posts.

Item: REDIslvs3in
Customer Testimonials

This thing is absolutely incredible! I am driving 3' of a 10' post into the ground in 20 - 30 seconds!! Rarely does a piece of equipment work better than advertised or expected...this does!  Brian @ vesper vineyards

Aloha, it is working great. We find the noise to not be any problem what-so-ever and the same with the vibration. Thanks again for a well-engineered product at a very fair price! Bob Richardson @ South Maui Volunteers

I am building a vineyard here in N.M. and have over 8k posts to pound in, and your driver has kicked butt so far! Overall a great addition and my guys fight over who is going to run the machine. Kudos! William @ Pueblo of Santa Ana

Thank you very much for the repair to my driver.  I really appreciate your generous commitment to your excellent machine; it is such an inspired piece of engineering. Jeremy @ beef with flavor

Everyone was in awe of this new found tool!  Over 150 posts installed in less than an hour. This tool exceeded every expectation.... Brad Boehler of Cross Country Carnival

The REDI Driver designers really hit a home run with this one! We've found the REDI Driver to be a great piece of gear. It does a good job and doesn't fatigue the operator.  Nice and light, not at all cumbersome.... statz bros. fencing

We found the golden tool: the REDI Driver! It will drive through caliche and hard ground; it makes driving t posts amazingly easier! Now my guys fight over being post driver man of the day! I highly recommend the tool! ... Collins farm & ranch

No complaints from our fencing teams and no down time on the drivers. These units are truly remarkable and constructed to perform & last in the harshest of environments... Green Tree Fencing Pty Ltd

The REDI Driver has really made the job of driving ground rods much easier and simpler. It seems the employees enjoy using it too... Larson Digging

It’s hard to admit, being strictly old school; the REDI Driver does its job well! We drove 177 posts from 10:30 to 1:30 with 1/2 hour lunch. This driver is like "the little engine that could”.... David @ Build a Better Barbed Wire Fence

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on an excellent product. The REDI Driver paid for itself in literally 3 days!   We are very satisfied with our purchase... tom @ Hollandia Produce

Our post driver has driven in over 30,000 star pickets with no worries, from rocks to clay, Black flats to red plains and it has just kept on donging. You just start it up and go. It's a one man job and has done up to 100 star pickets per hour, saves on time and labour. We are 100% satisfied and would recommend people try one. Jacko & Melain of Australia

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