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JRCO Mount Bar - Application Guide
JRCO Dethatch on Walk Behind MowerJRCO Mount Bar Kits are available for most makes & Models of Front Cut, Zero Turn and Walk Behind Mowers. Please select you brand and choose the proper model. below for your equipment. Click on link in rake model column to get specific pricing, info and to order. Note: If you already own JRCO Dethatcher which includes the Mounting Bar, you may reuse it with the other attachments.

Select on your brand of mower below!
Ariens, Bad Boy, Better Outdoor Products, Bobcat, Bunton, Bush Hog, Country Clipper, Cub Cadet, Dixie Chopper, Dixon, Encore, Everride, Exmark, Ferris, Ford, Grasshopper, Gravely, Great Dane, Honda, Howard Price, Husqvarna, Hustler, Jacobsen, John Deere, Kubota, Land Pride, Lesco, Massey Ferguson, MTD, Scag, Simplicity, Snapper, Steiner, Toro, Walker, Woods, Wright, Yazoo/Kees.
MowerMount Bar
Zoom 40/44" (dual bumper)44AG
Zoom 48/52" (dual bumper)44AG
Zoom XL 44/48"39GV
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Bad Boy
Lightning Z/ZT/Pup 48/52"39BB
Lightning Z/ZT/Pup 60/72"39BB
Better Outdoor Products
Quick 36/44"39Q
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ZT 100/125 42"44
ZT 100/125 48"44
WB 36" Lg Wheels39RS
ZT 200 48/52.5"39A
ZT 200 61"39A
Predator 52"39A
Predator 60"39A
WB 48/52/54" floating deck39
WB 48/52/54" fixed deck39R
WB 61" fixed deck54R
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WB 48/54" fixed deck39R
WB 61" fixed deck54MP
WB 36" Lg Wheels39RS
BZT-1000/1250 42"44
BZT-1000/1250 48"44
BZT-2000 48/52"39A
BZT-2000 61"39A
BZT 2180/2190/2200 52"39A
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Bush Hog
FC 48/54"39W
FC 60/61"54W
M2000 61/73"54TT
Professional 55/61/73"54BH
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Country Clipper
Jazee Pro 48/52"44JAZ
Boss/Charger 52"44DCC
Boss/Charger 60"44DCC
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Cub Cadet
Walk Behind 48" Fixed Deck44L
RZT 44/48/50" w/ weights44RZT
Z-Force, Enforcer 44/48/54" w/out weights44RZT
M Tank 48/50"39CC
M Tank 54"44LM
M Tank 60"44LM
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Dixie Chopper
Classic, Silver Eagle, Flatlander, Run Behind 50"39C
Classic, Flatlander 60"39C
Supreme, Xtreme 60/72"39DC
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WB 36"39MPS
WB 48"39MP
Speedztr 36/38/42/44"39D
Ram 42/44"39D
Ram / Kodiak pre 2007 50/52"39D
Kodiak pre 2007 60"39D
Grizzly 50/52"39GZ
Grizzly 60/72"39GZ
Silvertip 60/72"39HZ
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Pro WB 36"39MPS
Pro WB 48/52"39MP
Pro WB 60"54MP
Prowler FC 52"39W
Prowler FC 61/72"54W
Z-Series 42"36EZ
Z-Series 48"36EZ
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Hornet 48/52"39ER
Scorpion 48/52"39A
Scorpion 61"39A
Scorpion FX 52"39GDS
Wasp WB (Old Style) 36"39MPS
Wasp WB (old Style) 48"39MP
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Metro/Viking WB 36" fixed deck39MPS
Metro/Viking WB 48/52" fixed deck39MP
Lazer CT 44/48/52"39CT
Lazer Z XS UltraCut Deck 72"54TT
Lazer Z XS w/ Ultra Vac 60/72"44DFS
Lazer Z Triton w/ Ultra Vac 60"44LTU
Next Lazer Z w/wo Ultra Vac 48/52" 39NG
Next Lazer Z w/wo Ultra Vac 60/72"39NG
Navigator 42"44
Front Runner 52"39EF
Front Runner 60"39EF
Vantage 48/52"39GS
Lazer Z UltraCut w/ Ultra Vac 60"44LU
Lazer Z Triton Deck 60"44LT
Lazer HP Triton Deck - No Bagger 46/50"44HPT
Lazer Z Triton Deck all - w/wo Ultra Vac 66"44DFS
Pioneer 44"39A
Vantage 36"39GS
Tracer/Metro WB floating deck 36"39
Tracer/Metro WB floating deck 48/52"39
Tracer WB Floating 60"54
Lazer HP Triton w/ bagger 46/50"44HPW
Lazer HP Triton deck - No Bagger 56"44HPT
Lazer Z, AS UltraCut Deck 52"39A
Lazer Z, XS, AS Ultra Cut Deck 60"39A
Lazer Z UltraCut Deck w/ Ultra Vac 52"44LU
Lazer Z XP (Diesel) - No Bagger 60"44TTW
Phazer 34/44"39P
Quest 48/52"44HPT
Lazer CT 60"39CT
Lazer HP UltraCut Deck 44/48/52"39HP
Lazer HP Triton w/ Bagger 56"44HTW
Navigator 48"44
Pioneer 48/52"39A
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1000 Z 61"44HF
Evolution 36"39F15
Evolution 48"39F15
IS 1500 Z 48/52"39F
IS 1500Z 61"39F15
IS 2000 Z 61"39F
WB Fixed Deck 36"39MPS
WB Hydrocut Floating Deck 36"44FH
WB 48"39MP
WB 52"44
WB 61"54MP
Procut 20 52"39MP
Procut 20/30 61/72"54MP
Procut IS 1000/2000Z 48/52"39F
Procut IS 3000Z w/ rear susp only 61"44F
Procut IS 3000/3100 w/wo bagger 61"39F
Procut "S" 61"54
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124 mid-mount 52"39D
Front Cut (old style) 72"39A
Mid-mount no weights 48/52"39A
Mid-mount w/ weights 48/52"39GLW
Mid-mount no weights 61/72"39A
Mid-mount w/ weights 61/72"39GLW
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@ Home ZT (dual bumper) 40/44"44AG
@ Home ZT (dual bumper) 48/52"44AG
200 PM Series w/ bagger 50/52"39GLW
200 PM Series w/ bagger 60/66/72""39GLW
250/260Z Pro-master 50/52"54GL
260/272Z Pro-master 60/66/72"54GL
34Z 34"39GV
310Z 60/72"54T
44Z, ZTXL, Z100 Series 44/48"39GV
Stand-On FL floating 48/52"39A
Stand-On FX fixed 52"39GDS
Pro WB 36"39
Pro G/H WB 48/50"44GR
Pro-Turn 160 XDZ 60"54GV
Pro-Turn 200 XDZ 52"39PT
Pro-Turn 200 XDZ 60"39PT
Rapid XZ Outfront 60"54TT
ZT HD 48"39GHD
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Great Dane
Chariot Jr. 48/52"39CJ
Chariot pre 2003 52"39A
Chariot pre 2003 61"54T
Chariot/Brutus 2003+ 48/52"39CT
Chariot/Brutus 2003+ 61"39CT
Chariot LX 61/72"54TT
Scamper/Surfer 48/52"54GD
Scamper/Surfer 61"54GD
Surfer fixed deck 2006+ 52"39GDS
Super Surfer 48/52"39A
Super Surfer 61"39A
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Walk Behind 48/52"39MPS
Walk Behind 60"54MP
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Howard Price
Walk Behind 48/52"39MP
360Z (Blazer) 60"54TT
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EZ 48/52/54"39HEZ
Intermediate ZTH 42/48/5239LM
Intermediate ZTH 60"39LM
Walk Behind Floating Deck 48/52"39
Walk Behind Fixed Deck 48"39MP
PZ - no weights 54"39PZ
PZ - no weights 60"39PZ
ZTH/LZ 52"39LM
ZTH/LZ 61" (2001)39LM
ZTH/LZ 72" (2001)54LM
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Trimstar Hydro Floating 48"39H
Fastrak 44/48/52"44HF
Z/Super Z w/ bagger 60/66/72"44HZW
Mini Fastrak 42/44"Not Available
Mini/Super Mini Z 44/52"39C
Z/Super Z/X1 no bagger 60/72"39HZ
Fastrak Super Duty 60"44HF
Z/SuperZ/XI 52/54"44HZW
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Turf-Cat 600 60/63/72"54
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John Deere
F1420-F1565 72"54J
F1420-F1565 60"44J
QuikTrak 667 60"39A
QuikTrak 667A 60"44JQ
QuikTrak 647A/657A 48/54"44JQ
717/727 GDane Style 48/54"39CJ
727A/737/757 w/bagger 54"39JDW
800/900 Series Z-Trak 60/72"44Z8
777/797 60/72"44JD
QuikTrak 647/657 48/54"39A
WB fixed deck 36"39MPS
WB G15 Fixed Deck 36" 39G15
WB Floating Deck 48/54" 39
EZ Trak 48/54"39F
EZ Trak 61"39F
717A/727A/737/757 48/54"39DMZ
737/757 60"39JDW
737/757 w/ bagger 60"39JDW
500/700/800/900 Z-Trak 48/54"44Z8
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1800/2400F Series 48/54"54T
F60/1800/2400F 60/72"54F
ZD or ZG newer style 54"54ZD
ZD 60/72"54ZD
ZD P Series 54"54ZDP
ZD P Series 60/72"54ZDP
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Land Pride
Accu Z pre 2007 52"44HZW
Accu Z pre 2007 60"39HZ
Accu Z 2007+ 60"54LP
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WB 36"39L
WB Fixed Deck 48/52/54"44L
WB Floating Deck 48/54"39CC
Z Two 48"39CC
Z Two 54"44LM
Z Two 60"44LM
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Massey Ferguson
ZT29/Z33 60/72"54ZD
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Bandit/Dual Hydro WB 36"39L
WB fixed deck 48/52"44L
WB Wide Track 48/52/54"39
WB Wide Track 60"39
MMZ 54"44LM
MMZ 60"44LM
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WB Fixed Deck 36"39MPS
WB Fixed Deck 48/52"39MP
WB Fixed Deck 61/72"54MP
WB/V-Rider Floating Deck 36"39
WB V-Rider Floating Deck 48/52"39
WB Floating Deck 61"54
Cheetah 61/72"44CHE
Cougar 48/52"44
Freedom Z 48/52"39F
STHM 52"39MP
STHM 61/72"54MP
Tiger cub (old) 61"44
Tiger Cub/Cat, Wildcat 48/52"39TC
Turf Runner 48"44TR
Turf Tiger/Sabre Tooth no weights 48/52"44
Turf Tiger/Sabre Tooth no weights 61/72"44
Turf Tiger/Sabre Tooth w/ weights 48/52"44TTW
Turf Tiger/Sabre Tooth w/ weights 61/72"44TTW
Wildcat w/ weights 61"39WC
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Champion 44/50"39F15
Citation 48/52"39F15
Colt 48/52"39F
Stallion/Cobalt 61"39F
WB 36"39MPS
WB 48/52"39MP
WB 61"54MP
S50 36"39F15
S50/S150/S175 48/52"39F15
S175/S200 61/72"39F15
S75 Stand-on 52"39F15
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202 60"39A
Outfront Mower Deck 60"54
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WB Floating deck 2007+ 36"39TF
WB Floating deck 2007+ 44/52"39TF
WB Floating Deck pre-2007 36/37"39
WB Floating Deck pre-2007 44/52"39
WB Fixed deck 48"39MP
WB Floating Deck 62"54
Grandstand 36/42"39GS
Grandstand 48/52"39GS
Groundsmaster 120/200 44/52"39
Groundsmaster 200 62/72"54
Groundsmaster 300 72"54GM
Timecutter Z 38/42"Not Available
Timecutter ZX 44/52"39HP
Timecutter Z 5000 Series 50"39D
Titan 5000 48/52"44HPT
Z100 44/52"39HP
Z200 w/o Z Stand 52"39A
Z200 w/o Z Stand 62"39A
Z200 w/ Z Stand 52"Not Available
Z200 w/ Z Stand or DFS 62"44DFS
Z200/500 72"54DFS
Z300 Front Cut 48"54
Z300 Front Cut 60"54T
Z300 Mid Mount 34/40"39P
Z400 w/wo bagger 48/52"39T4
Z500 w/ DFS bagger only 52"44DFS
Z500 w/o Z Stand 60"39A
Z500 w/ Z Stand 60"44DFS
Z Master G3 no bagger 48/52"39NG
Z Master G3 no bagger 60/72"39NG
Z Master G3 w/ bagger 60/72"39G3W
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ZT 36"44
ZT 42/48/52/54"44
ZT 62"44
Super Bee 60"54WSB
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FC ZT 44/48/52"39W
FC ZT 61/72"54W
Mid Z (M Series) 50"54GL
ZT 61/72"54W
Mid Z (M Series) 60""54GL
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Mid Mount 48/52"39WM
Mid Mount/Stander ZK/X 61"39WM
Sentar/Sport/ZK 48/52"39WR
Sentar 61"39WR
Stander 36/42"39MPS
Stander 48/52"39MP
Stander 61"54MP
Stander RH/ZK/X 48/52"39WR
Velke 36/42"39MPS
Velke 48/52"39MP
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WB Fixed Deck 36"39MPS
WB Fixed Deck 48/52"39MP
ZT Max2 52"39LM
Max2/Mega Max 61/72"39LM
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