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JRCO Tine Rake Dethatchers 470 Series Parts - Spring 2009 & On
JRCO Dethatcher Breakdown
Key NumberDescriptionPart Number
1Wheel 8x1.75 semi-pneumatic4679
Wheel 8x3.0 Optional HD foam tire4690
25/8" Oilite Flange Bearing4683-2
3Shaft collar w/set screw4661S
Yoke - Optional HD Wheel4673-1
61/2-13x3" Hex bolt7282
1/2-13x4 1/2" Hex bolt - HD option7411
71/2-13 Two-Way Lock nut4233
85/16-18 Serrated flange nut7247
9Left wheel brace w/ Bearings Only7389L
Left wheel brace w/ Bearings/Yoke/Collar7368
10Right wheel brace w/ Bearings Only7389R
Right wheel brace w/ Bearings/Yoke/Collar7367
11Deck 36" 27 Position4617-2
Deck 46" 35 Position4617
Deck 60" 47 Position4617-1
135/16-18 x 3/4" Serrated flange screw7232
141/8 x 1 1/2" cotter pin7251
157/8" machine bushing4638-1
16Rod, tine 36"4623-2
Rod, tine 46"4623
Rod, tine 60"4623-1
17Tube, tine 36"4622-2
Tube, tine 46"4622
Tube, tine 60"4622-1
18Tube, stabilizer 36"4621-2
Tube, stabilizer 46"4621
Tube, stabilizer 60"4621-1
19Tine, double loop4624DD
20Support arm channel 24.5"4674-7
21Circle cotter4110
223/8 x 2 3/8" Clevis pin4684
25Grip, hand4680
283/8-16 Serrated flange nut7250
30Clamp plate4631-2
313/8-16x1" Carriage bolt7277
33Mount bar 39"4670-9
Mount bar 44"4670-10
Mount bar 54"4670-11
34Clamp bar 3"4671-1
Clamp bar 3.3"4671-3
Clamp Bar 3.8"4671-4
Clamp Bar 4.4"4671-2
Clamp Bar 5.1"4671-5
435/16-18 x 1/4" set screw - shaft collar7281
44Latch Shuttle - Purchase 8337 Assembly (Key No. 54)N/A
45Latch Ratchet - Purchase 8337 Assembly (Key No. 54)N/A
46Latch Pawl - Purchase 8337 Assembly (Key No. 54)N/A
47Latch Hoop, Wide8317-1
Latch Hoop, Narrow8317-2
48Plastic Spacer .59 OD x .35 Long - Purchase 8337 Assembly (Key No. 54)N/A
49Latch Spring - Purchase 8337 Assembly (Key No. 54)N/A
50Handle, Lower8329
51AHandle Topper Assembly w/ Grip - Single Bend8353
51BHandle Topper Assembly w/ Grip - Double Bend Short8355
51CHandle Topper Assembly w/ Grip - Double Bend Long8357
52Plastic Spacer 5/16" OD x 7/8" Long - Purchase 8337 Assembly (Key No. 54)N/A
53Roll Pin, 3/16" x 1 1/8" - Purchase 8337 AssemblyN/A
54Latch Lift Assembly8337
55Clevis Pin, 3/8" x 3"8339
56Hitch Pin, 1/4 x 1"8341
57O-ring 3/4" OD x 9/16" OD - Purchase 8337 Assembly (Key No. 54)N/A
58Plastic Spacer 1/2" OD x .125 Long - Purchase 8337 Assembly (Key No. 54)N/A
59Plastic Spacer 3/4" OD X .250 Long - Purchase 8337 Assembly (Key No. 54)N/A
60Carriage Bolt 5/16-18 x 3/4"8338

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